Hey there 👋 It’s finally time :)

We’re incredibly excited to announce we’ve raised $323K in pre-seed funding from GoAhead Ventures, Wefunder, and angel investors to build the first platform with completely free crypto trading and instant Web3 access.


We’ve been investing in crypto since 2017 and, like many, blindly accepted the 2-3% fees and 5-7 day settlement times platforms like Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, and others offered us. 

We also found ourselves continually dissatisfied with our banks and their laughably low interest rates, hidden fees, and awful customer service.

As our natural curiosities led us down the rabbit holes of DeFi, Web3, and fintech, we discovered by combining these realms of digital banking and crypto into a single platform, we could eradicate the fees and wait times of crypto trading while also providing a banking experience focused on transparency and customer support.

So we set out nearly 12 months ago to build Normal: the first unified bank account crypto wallet that lets you instantly get cash in and out of your favorite wallets, crypto assets, NFTs, and DAOs with zero fees or wait times.


With Normal you can:

✅ Trade crypto with absolutely zero fees

✅ Send or trade your crypto instantly

✅ Connect your favorite wallets for immediate on and off ramps

✅ Shop, use ATMs, and earn cash-back with your Normal Card

✅ Enjoy the convenience of digital banking like Direct Deposit

How to get started

Creating an account takes just a few minutes and in return you receive a lifetime of financial freedom and savings.

Normal is 100% LIVE and available on our website and for download on the Google Play Store. Apple is still reviewing our app, so iOS is coming soon!

Thank you so much for your support and excitement!

You can find links to get started and support our launch on our Product Hunt page below:

Normal Raises $323K to Launch Zero-Fee Crypto Trading Platform