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Do you want to work smarter & not harder? Do you want your energy to be optimized and fruitful? Do you wish to provide generational wealth and freedom for your family? Then, you should be a strong crypto investor! Now, how does one become a strong crypto investor? Follow me :)

To be the BEST crypto investor, you are going to need a solid foundation of investing fundamentals to succeed and grow. Here are the investing fundamentals you need: Long Term Orientation, Healthy Diversification, Diamond Hands, Dollar-Cost-Average (DCA), Security & Risk, Personal Due Diligence, “Live Poor, Invest More,” Community Collaboration & Continuous Evolution. 

Now, let us dive into what these investing fundamentals are and how to do them!

Long Term Orientation:

The best investments are long term oriented. The legendary investors are long term oriented. When making any investment, you should minimally be in for 5 years, but 10, 20, or 30 years is even better! Here at Normal Finance, Long Term Orientation is vital for investing success.

Healthy Diversification:

The best investing is always diversified healthy. In our world, this means having the following: Cryptocurrency, stocks, real estate, businesses, livestock & other forms of investments. In the crypto world, this means investing in the spectrum of innovation, value and offerings. Have BTC be at least 25%-75% of your crypto portfolio. For the rest of your portfolio, diversify into the range of innovation and value that blockchain and decentralized finance offers: Smart contract technology (ETH, SOL, AVAX, ADA, STX, etc.), industry leaders (CRO, BNB, etc.), Layer 0 & multi-chain interoperability (LINK, DOT, etc.), decentralized finance (AAVE), financial instruments (SUSHI, JOE, etc.), decentralized gaming (SAND, ENJ, etc.), metaverse, stablecoins, yield farming, and more! Normal will release a blog post on Ideal Crypto Portfolios, stay on the look! Join Normal’s Discord Community to get alerts and reminders for our Healthy Diversification!

Diamond Hands

What is Diamond Hands? Diamond Hands is rejecting paper hands by not selling your investment, and to hold through the stormy market. There will be times due to volatility that your investment will go down ‘a lot’, but it is vital that you have Diamond Hands and do not sell! Be sure to develop your Diamond Hands because in years to come, your patience and faith will pay off very fortunate. Here at Normal, we love and preach Diamond Hands!

Dollar-Cost-Average (DCA)

Dollar-Cost-Average is your best strategy for accumulation. DCA is the methodology of buying and adding to your investments in a frequency. For example, the best DCA would be to buy everyday, but for most of us, we are not there yet. So, the best practice of DCA we should aim for is to buy every or every other week! The beauty of DCA comes into play when the investment we are adding goes down. That way you can enter at a cheaper price, therefore getting more investment with your capital. Join Normal’s Discord Community to get alerts and reminders for Dollar-Cost-Averaging!

Security & Risk

Security & Risk is always an ultimate focus when dealing with investing. It is vital that you do the proper measures to make sure your investments are safe and secure. Get a hardware wallet (coming soon from Normal)! Store your private keys and wallet information privately and secure, not on your phone or computer. Here at Normal, Security & Risk is a top priority.

Personal Due Diligence

Although Normal & many other community members are confident and bullish on our cryptocurrency & decentralized financial investments, it is vital for you to still take your own due diligence and decide for yourself how you want to invest or not. Normal is a special community, because each person comes with value from their own special due diligence. 

“Live Poor, Invest More”

This is a legendary quote of mine that I love and believe is a superpower for anyone to be possessed with, “Live Poor, Invest More”.  This investing fundamental is very straightforward, simple and powerful. Simply live at a lower cost, so that you can invest more, ultimately setting you & your family up with a more financially free future! Here at Normal, we love to preach “Live Poor, Invest More”. 

Community Collaboration

If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go with a team. To be the BEST investor, you are going to need a strong team of inspired individuals. Here at Normal, we take pride and love our special community! In this Discord community, we collaborate on Healthy Diversifications, Dollar-Cost-Averages (DCAs), Security and Risks & host the BEST crypto investing culture and relationships!

Continuous Evolution

To be the BEST investor, you are not going to stay in the same spot you have been! You will need to have new ideas, new conversations, new relationships and new investment opportunities! I believe the BEST spot to grow as a crypto investor is right here at Normal’s Discord Community!

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